Why Did Hamas Attack? Israel news Today

Why Did Hamas Attack, this is a trending question, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cautioned Israelis to prepare for a prolonged and challenging war on Sunday. This warning came a day after Hamas, the Palestinian militant group in control of the Gaza Strip initiated one of its most significant surprise attacks in decades.

Why Did Hamas Attack
Why Did Hamas Attack

In response Israel conducted extensive airstrikes on cities within the blockaded Gaza Strip resulting in the destruction of numerous buildings. Meanwhile Hamas continued launching rockets into Israel. As of now over 1100 people in both Israel and Gaza have lost their lives according to authorities with the expectation that the death toll will increase.

Why Did Hamas Attack?

The coordinated attack by Hamas took Israel by surprise but it follows months of escalating tensions. These tensions were primarily rooted in violence at the al-Aqsa Mosque a significant Muslim holy site located in the heart of Jerusalem which also holds deep religious significance for Jews as the Temple Mount. Additionally the ongoing blockade and occupation of Palestinians contributed to the mounting tensions.

Furthermore the inclusion of once-fringe Jewish supremacists and settler leaders in Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard-right government has exacerbated these tensions adding fuel to the fire.

What is Palestine?

The West Bank and Gaza, collectively referred to as the Palestinian territories, along with East Jerusalem and Israel, have historically been associated with the region known as Palestine since Roman times.

These lands also have a deep historical connection to Jewish kingdoms mentioned in the Bible and are regarded by Jews as their ancestral homeland.

What is the reason for Hamas attacking Israel?

Hamas has labeled its action as “Operation Al-Aqsa Flood.” This name offers insights into the main motive behind their strike underscoring what Hamas perceives as Israeli actions that disrespect a sacred Islamic site.

What are the Hamas fighting for?

The group’s charter advocates for the establishment of an Islamic Palestinian state in lieu of Israel and rejects any agreements made between the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) and Israel.

How will the Israel war affect India?

India’s trade with Israel has not shown any immediate impact due to the conflict in West Asia.

Why has Hamas attacked Israel now?

The coordinated attack by Hamas was unexpected for Israel but followed months of escalating tensions. These tensions were driven by violence at the al-Aqsa Mosque, a highly respected Muslim holy site located in the heart of Jerusalem, as well as the harsh blockade and occupation of Palestinian territories.

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