How important is online degree in today’s corona era?

Friends, in today’s time the importance of online degree has increased a lot. Earlier, where people used to give priority to higher educational institutions and universities, today attention is being given to taking online degree from home.

According to the report of Online Education, if we look at the data of the last two years, then people appear more serious about online degree. Now the mindset of the people is changing. Now people do not run after university.

If we look at the record of online degree, it has broken all the records in the last two years. Till date in the history of education, there has not been such a craze for online degrees. Today’s young generation is taking part in various courses sitting at home.

Today’s online world seems to be challenging the education sector. Nevertheless, if seen, it is beneficial in a way for the young generation. With this, they can also get an online degree sitting at home, as well as work for a livelihood. In today’s time, distance education, campus based education has started getting priority. This is also another form of online education.

Often education is also an industry in a way, which has grown manifold instead of decreasing due to the outbreak of Covid-19. In today’s time, people are learning new ways to prevent Covid-19 through online education. When all the universities and universities were closed when the Covid-19 was at its peak, the online education world was taking its toll in the world.

Now the younger generation is moving towards learning digitally, for this new technologies are being used, which has made distance education easy. The institutions working in the education world suddenly needed such trainers and teachers who were very advanced in their skills, but no one even asked them. In today’s Covid-19 era, many such teachers and institutions have come up, which did not exist in the last 2 years, and they are now included in the top-10.

Earlier there was a time when people used to look at online degree candidates with suspicion and a different look, but today people’s perceptions have changed. In the surveys conducted in the last two years, it has been found that in today’s time, those people who have received online education, those people are getting more chances of getting appointed.

Are online education holders more likely to be appointed after Covid-19?

There is a rapid change in the thinking of people towards online education, which is proving to be very accurate for long-term development. In the last decade, if seen, there has been a significant increase especially in the young generation showing interest in online education courses.

Now the question arises whether Covid-19 has bridged the gap between traditional education and degree-obtaining methods and today’s online education? We did a lot of research about this and we wanted to know from professors, principals of schools, teachers of big universities and universities, what is their opinion about online degrees after Covid-19.

Has Covid-19 really changed the perception of people towards online degrees?

According to Professor Sadanand Upadhyay of Howard University, in this era of Covid-19, health crisis, lack of money and low enrollment have promoted online education for online learning. In part, Harvard University has launched online courses to promote online universities and has also issued huge discounts on them.

In today’s Covid-19 era, every school has gone online. All are pursuing online education. In today’s time online education has become a capitalist business. Now online education word is emerging as a new force. Earlier, where people used to shy away from giving appointment to online degree holders, now more attention is being given to online degree holders. Earlier, where educational institutions generally did not show any interest in online restore services, now all restore services of every university and colleges are being conducted online. It is clear from this that Covid-19 has changed the mindset of educational institutions.

Philosophers of traditional education have questioned the nature and infrastructure of online education today, but Covid-19 has strengthened online education by standing in favor of online education. Now people have started to believe that like traditional education, online education is also proving to be more efficient and effective.


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